Find Audi Expert Service in Glenwood Springs

When you’re looking for service for your Audi in Glenwood Springs, don’t trust just any mechanic. Let the experts at Audi Glenwood Springs give your Audi the special care it deserves. Our factory-trained, ASE-Certified technicians know your Audi vehicle inside and out, so they know exactly what it takes to keep you on the road and running smoothly.

The Audi Glenwood Springs Difference

While most garages employ mechanics that are generally trained on a wide range of vehicles, only the technicians at Audi Glenwood Springs are specially trained on Audi vehicles. This means they know the unique needs of your Audi, including how to service the Quattro® all-wheel drive system, and how to properly care for the lineup of turbocharged engines featured heavily in the Audi lineup. That granular expertise on specific Audi features isn’t something you’re going to find just anywhere, so visit our Audi service center in Glenwood Springs to give your Audi the service it needs.

What it Means to be ASE Certified

A mechanic that is ASE-Certified has gone through a series of tests and certifications to prove that they truly know how to be an excellent mechanic. In fact, the full ASE name is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and they are in charge of making sure that your vehicle will get the expert care it needs. Originally begun as a non-profit organization to help drivers discern between qualified and unqualified technicians, ASE has always been worn as a badge of honor by those who have earned it.

The best part is, ASE certification must be re-evaluated every five years. That means our technicians will never be behind the latest in automotive technology, so we’ll know how to repair even the most advanced features. With over eight certifications to go through, our technicians are rigorously tested for expertise and excellence, and they only receive their ASE seal if they pass. Furthermore, our service center must employ at least 75 percent ASE-Certified technicians to maintain our seal of approval. And while we take pride in our ASE-certified mechanics and our ASE-Certified service center, we’re more excited about what it means for you.

When you visit our service center in Glenwood Springs, you can have confidence that all of our technicians know exactly how to do their job. With this unbiased seal of approval, you can rest assured that the job will be done properly, and we won’t spend more time than necessary taking care of your vehicle. After all, when it comes to servicing your high-end Audi vehicle, you want technicians you can trust – and that’s exactly what you find when you visit our Audi service center.

Audi Factory-Trained Technicians

In addition to the thorough ASE certification process, our technicians are also trained on all things Audi. First, only existing Audi service and training centers can provide the Audi certification. This means that there is no chance of a mechanic earning the Audi certification without going through a specific training program and completing assessments successfully. They must prove that they can diagnose the root cause of performance issues, ensure that all service performed meets Audi standards, and know how to road-test a vehicle to prove that the repairs were successful. They must also know how to quickly inspect an Audi vehicle to identify any other problems beyond those reported by the customer or service bulletin, and they must prove that they can effectively communicate with other technicians in completing a job. It is only if they pass all of these standards that they can earn the Audi Certification and be approved to work on your vehicle.

Visit Audi Glenwood Springs with Confidence

Our Audi Service Center in Glenwood Springs is staffed by only the most competent, highly-trained mechanics. So if you want Audi service you can be confident in, schedule an appointment with us today!

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