Our Audi Glenwood Springs family takes COVID-19 and all prescribed measures to stop its spread very seriously. We care about our Audi team members' health, and we care about your health. We also care about delivering you top-notch service despite these unprecedented times. That's why we've introduced contactless vehicle maintenance. Here's how it works.

Service with a Social Distancing Twist

If you require vehicle service, we're happy to provide it in a manner that respects the need for social distancing. To limit contact and potential exposure to you and us, we offer free vehicle pickup and drop-off. This includes complimentary cleaning and disinfecting prior to servicing and after servicing.

Reach out to us by phone or via our online scheduler, and we'll work with you to take care of the rest. We want you and yours to be safe and healthy. We also want you to stay in the game for yourself and your family long term. Lastly, we want the privilege of your continued patronage.

Popular & Unavoidable Service Needs

We know that the most popular service needs are usually the routine service needs that can't be put off, like oil and filter changes, tire rotations, battery replacement, scheduled maintenance and brake work.

Oil and filter changes are critical. Motor oil lubricates your Audi's engine, helping it run smoothly and effectively. As motor oil lubricates your engine, it picks up impurities and debris that overwhelm the filter. Over time, your engine runs lower than capacity because its motor oil and filter are so polluted. That's why we recommend changing both after you drive a certain number of miles.

Tire rotation is key to maintaining optimal traction and even tread wear. Depending on your drivetrain, your tires receive unequal stress and wear. To even the playing field, tire rotations swap tires between positions to ensure more even tread wear and aggressive traction.

Like most carmakers, Audi recommends scheduled maintenance over the life of your vehicle. During maintenance, service technicians check for common problems and fix any that need fixing. This prolongs the overall health, integrity, and lifespan of your vehicle.

Battery replacement and brake work may or may not be part of scheduled maintenance. It's helpful to bring your vehicle in for service anyway to anticipate and correct any battery or brake issues. It's always better to catch the problem beforehand than to let it stop you suddenly on a workday morning.

Additional Measures We're Taking

We actively distance every vehicle that arrives in our service department, including service loaner vehicles. We employ protective measures dealership-wide to your vehicle and our loaners.

We use specialty disinfectants and solutions containing at least 70 percent alcohol per CDC guidelines. Our solutions and alcohol formulas specifically consist of isopropyl, an over-the-counter alcohol that kills novel coronavirus without damaging the integrity of your Audi's interior.

We wipe down all high-contact surfaces at the dealership and within your car: keyboards, doorknobs, steering wheels, levers, and touchscreens, to name a few. For trims with leather upholstery, we utilize leather cleaners and conditioner as an added layer of protection.

Above and Beyond Contactless Service

Out of respect for the health of you and yours, we recently implemented measures to make social distancing a central component of how we do business. In addition to free pickup and delivery for service appointments, we offer virtual trade appraisals and online paperwork processes as needed.

On our end, we're also practicing what we preach by enforcing CDC guidelines for workplace cleanliness, sanitation, and personal hygiene. We disinfect high-traffic areas frequently. Our team members wash their hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds. We have sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available for team members. Most importantly, we encourage employees to stay home if possible.

Our entire team at Audi Glenwood Springs sincerely thanks you for your support. We look forward to seeing you in person sometime very soon. Until then, take advantage of our free pickup and delivery for service. Help yourself to our assortment of online tools designed to help you shop for Audi vehicles or care for you Audi vehicle from the safety of your home.

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