Practically everyone out there knows that oil changes are important. Oil goes into your car, some time passes, then you have to take that oil out and put in different oil. Seems simple enough. However, not everyone knows what oil does, or why changing it is so important. The truth is that regular oil changes are vital to the well-being of your engine, and that while putting off your oil change sounds tempting, it's never a good idea.

The engine in your Audi is made of many moving parts working together in harmony. Those moving parts help your Audi go, but they also generate friction and heat. If you had no oil at all, your engine would overheat and break down. Engine oil lubricates all those parts, reducing their friction, and carrying away heat. In short, it keeps your engine running right. However, engine oil doesn't last forever. It'll slowly start to break down, and it becomes less and less effective at its job. In fact, if you ignore it for too long, it can degrade into a thick sludge, and it'll hurt your engine instead of helping it! You can either change your oil regularly, or you can ignore your regular oil changes and change your engine instead. If your oil is due for a change, just schedule an appointment with our service center, and we'll take care of the rest.

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