If you live in Colorado, you're no stranger to snow. Colorado winters bring snow and ice, and that means salt and sand all over the roads. When the roads get tough, you want to make sure that you're ready... and that's why Audi Quattro is so good to have. Audi Quattro is their special version of all-wheel drive, and it helps you get through the toughest winter weather.

Your car's engine produces a lot of power, but it doesn't always send it where it needs to go most. Front-wheel drive sends power exclusively to the front wheels, and rear-wheel drive sends it exclusively to the rear wheels. You might expect that all-wheel drive sends power to all wheels, and it does, but it's a little more complicated than that. Audi Quattro monitors your wheels as you drive, and sends power to where it is needed most. If a wheel loses traction, such as if it drives over a patch of ice, your Audi diverts its power to the wheels with most traction. This helps it keep a firm grip on the road, and maximizes your traction in wet-weather conditions.

While Audi Quattro greatly enhances your winter capability, it should be noted that it still has its limits. It helps you go, and it helps you stay in control while driving, but it can't help you with braking. The best way to be ready for winter is with Audi Quattro and a good set of snow tires. It is also important to drive carefully when the weather gets rough.

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