What is Audi Virtual Cockpit

The automotive industry has seen a deluge of screen technologies entering new models in recent years. More and more, drivers expect to continue their connectivity while on the road. Auto makers have responded, offering "infotainment" systems that provide mobile app access and other functions to drivers.

Audi has gone one step further with its Virtual Cockpit technology.

Most auto makers position an interactive screen in the center stack and a screen with limited functionality in the gauge cluster area. Audi takes a different approach. Its available Virtual Cockpit technology fills the entire gauge cluster with a full-color digital screen. You can configure this screen in a wide variety of ways to complement your driving style and preferences.

  • Navigation
  • Audio Control
  • Performance Gauges
  • Vehicle Information
  • More...

Unlike the touchscreen controls commonly found in center-stack display systems, Virtual Contact opts for both steering-wheel controls and rotary knob control functions. The rotary knob lets you toggle through screens, zoom in on navigation, and more.

Virtual Cockpit is not a standard feature on every Audi model, but it's definitely an option worth considering. If you would like to test its functionality for yourself, feel free to stop by Glenwood Springs. We're happy to show you how this technology can improve your driving experience.

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