The Audi A6 is Ready to Grip the Road with Legendary Quattro Performance Technology

The A6 puts the thrill back into driving with the highly-capable performance technology of the quattro all-wheel drive. This all-wheel drive system enhances the over-all handling and cornering for Audi drivers looking for a sleek sedan that can handle every turn and curve in the road.

Rain or shine, the quattro all-wheel drive has the traction to handle it all. The quattro performance technology is intuitive and sends power to all four wheels for the most grip. Rely on maximum traction in the A6 with the quattro system that constantly adjusting to your driving conditions so they change with them.

Adjustable to Fit Your Needs

Both capable and reliable, the quattro technology takes the all-wheel drive system to the next level by tailoring to each vehicle. Each quattro system is different whether you’re looking for an SUV or a sedan to be high-performing for each vehicle.

  • Variable torque split splits between front and rear wheels to deliver power where and when you need it most.
  • Torque vectoring works with you to by actually braking inside the wheels to handle corners even better.
  • Sport differential is available on S and RS models which sends power to the outside rear wheels to accelerate the wheels faster. Experience added performance when turning for maximum performance.

When you’re behind the wheel of an Audi A6, you’re in charge of an impressive all-wheel drive system that not only performs well, but keeps you safe. Sedan drivers looking for a vehicle that drives as well as it looks, the Audi A6 has the form and functionality you need. Visit us at Audi Glenwood Springs in 100 Riverine Road to experience the power with a test drive.

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